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We have a 6 part series that will help you in you chicken production and you can also download a part of our training manual and get the rest when you come through to our workshops.

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A six part series on Brood Management

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In this CHICK35 APP you will find a great tool for your Poultry Education. Your very own Personal Poultry Assistant giving you daily notifications of a check list that should be followed to ensure you keep your broiler project on track. Used in conjunction with the Novatek Poultry APP (FREE OFF GOOGLE PLAY) – Broiler Management Guide.


In this NOVATEK POULTRY APP you will find 2 great starting points for your Poultry Education. A Broiler Management Guide with helpful information for raising your broilers from day old chicks to mature birds and the Layer Management Guide with helpful information to manage your Point of Lay chicks from 18 weeks of age onwards.

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